3 The Best Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Acne scar removal treatment

Acne scar removal treatmentAcne scar removal treatment – The best thing is to prevent them with a suitable dermatological treatment, but if you are not careful it is also possible to erase. Acne is one of the most common dermatological problems in men and women in adolescence, but also in adulthood. The normal thing is that if we have treated it correctly, after a while, the skin is perfect, without a trace of marks. But, according to Dr. Pedro Rodríguez, a dermatologist at the International Dermatological Clinic, ” acne scars are very common and affect one in five people who have suffered from this problem at some point in their life.” Among the main causes of these marks, Dr. Pedro Rodríguez points out ” deeper acne lesions or the manipulation of a lesion with its consequent infection .” The dermatologist adds that “the more inflamed an acne lesion is, the more likely it is to leave scars. This is one of the reasons why it is important to treat this problem as soon as possible ”. So before any acne outbreak , our advice is that you go to a dermatologist to assess the best treatment for you, and never touch the pimples . This way it is more likely that later you will not have scars. Acne scar removal treatment

Can acne marks be removed?

According to the dermatologist Pedro Rodríguez “they can be treated to reduce their depth, their number and sometimes, eliminate them.” Although acne marks can be treated at any time , the best results are achieved the more recent they are. Regarding the treatments to eliminate them, the team of dermatologists from Instituto Médico Lásica explains that the first step is “to assess whether the patient has active or activatable acne, to take it into account and carry out an appropriate protocol.” Dermatologist Guillermo Villalón García, director of Villalón Dermatology and member of Top Doctors, adds that “other factors must also be taken into account such as the type of scar, the patient’s history, the possibility of withdrawal (some treatments leave the face with marks a variable time of days), age… to choose the best treatment ”. Acne scar removal treatment

The Best Acne scar removal treatment

Dr. Villalón lists the most used techniques to eliminate acne marks: “ direct surgical repair , subcisions and cell renewal procedures . The latter have in common that they stimulate the skin, either by heat, ablation or coagulation, by means of light sources, chemical or physical means ”. Among the most effective, fast and comfortable cell renewal techniques to eliminate acne marks, the non-ablative fractional laser stands out . Acne scar removal treatment

At the Laser Medical Institute, as they explain to us, this treatment “performs a resurfacing (formation of new skin, after removing the old one) slowly, over weeks, which induces the renewal of the epidermal layer in a non-visible way, since preserves the stratum corneum. It produces an immediate and temporary redness, which usually lasts 2-3 days and does not prevent continuing with normal activities ”. An average of 4 sessions are needed , with a one-month interval, and its price is € 1,500 . Acne scar removal treatment

From the International Dermatology Clinic they tell us about another technique to eliminate acne scars, ” ablative thermoablation (Tixel) , which consists of applying 400º centigrade to the skin in a controlled, safe and painless way, using a piece of titanium” . They are advised of 3 to 5 sessions , every 4-6 weeks and its price ranges between 600 and 2,000 € , depending on the area to be treated.

In addition, there are other techniques to remove acne scars such as hyaluronic acid infiltrations or platelet rich plasma injections . If you are concerned about the marks that acne has left on your face or in another area of ​​the body, we advise you to put yourself in the hands of a good professional to assess which is the best treatment for you. Acne scar removal treatment

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